Who Is Right and Who Can Judge?

The famous media BuzzFeed wrote that Facebook hides the real figures of those who view Facebook users’ posts, and they are unaware about most dislikes and negative comments. But Facebook’s engineer Lars Backstrom published a declaimer to that statement, and underlined the following notice, which was made during the series tests: active Facebook users are mostly interested in feedback, who and how many people actually sent likes and comments to their posts, and are not so worry about the number of views.

The awful idea was underlined in the posted by BuzzFeed article, that if you have many friends, but get Facebook likes few, your friends simply neglect you.

Of course, it is unplesant to know that most of our friends simply don’t care about our thoughts and feelings, or abou our prominent life events and happy moments. But we should not forget about objective reasons, why people don’t read some poats, news, they can be busy, in a hurry, or simply exosted and don’t have any time and wish to read, no matter what it is. And very often they say that would read the posts later, but finally forget about them. And it is normal for human creatures.

But Facebook’s engineer reveals his own information. He say that no one is interested in actual number of users, who saw their posts, people are mostly interested in actual feelings and words which are expressed through Likes and Comments. If Facebook users said about their dissatisfaction, the system would have changed its approaches to the feedback monitoring. And actually this figures are not so important to detect; only real emotions are worth to be seen, besides, it would take much space to show all figures. Think about your mobile smartphones overwhelmed by useless figures…

Facebook approves its title of being the social network leader and offers a reasonable support for marketers – Group view counter. Advertisers, Groups, and page owners have a great opportunity to monitor group members’ presence on the page, organize events and meetings. It is very important for business to know, if everybody are aware about recent changes, and this feature provides marketers with operability and exact precise figures.

Let’s mention in few words possible danger, which can be brought by these view counts for common users. Do you think it would be safe to freely swim in the Facebook Sea of posts and view what you want knowing that you are traced by the system and everybody could see your visit? Sounds a little bit apprehensive, isn’t it?

It’s better to get Facebook likes and feel comfortable that people like and comment your posts, and enjoy their shared thoughts and emotions, than count how many your friends see your posts and irritates when you are dissatisfied with the given view counts.

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