That Who Has Data, Has the World

Today Facebook is going to widen its Graph Search engine to the U.S.A. But for such a prominent way of development Facebook needs more data from its users, not only their written preferences, but, perhaps, also some set of queries including restaurant reviews or movie preferences.

And first of all users should trust its network and then share their information with it. Is it possible today after that big PRISM scandal, in which Facebook was also involved? The company was accused in spying for National Security Agency (the USA).

It is clear that Facebook’s own information about its users is not enough. Updating is the core thing in receiving data. And today the social network inhabitants are open to share with their recommendations and reviews according their experienced places of interest, activities, restaurants, and many other things connected with our everyday life. And these data can be decorated by bright photos, videos, music compositions. As many Facebook likes are achieved, so popular this or that data is.

Your friends’ network is keeping to be the main trustworthy source of information. You can the world through the eyes of your friends; just put an inquiry – “photos of Milan” and enjoy the gallery of your friends’ and friends of friends’ vacation images.

Replacing of popular Google search engine by Graph Search is Facebook’s main aim. Only efficient searching results will help the company to increase its users time spending on the platform. It can be done only by integration with other services, for example Spotify (for music apps).

And it is organic to wait the company’s movement to mobile gadgets. Facebook will analyze mobile users’ updates for discovering very tiny connections between its users, different locations, companies, and many other everyday interactions, people are interested in and can recommend.

Users’ privacy settings are respected by Graph Search, and the engine’s mission is making the world more open and united. Facebook underlines its position on its every public statement. The social network leader is against anti-sharing trends, which claim to stay in small groups of friends, keep more anonymity, because it is absolutely contradicts with the very idea of the social network’s existence to widen its users’ connections and getting manifold information on every topic.  

Facebook never forgets its second side of being the commercial project; Graph Search is aimed to be a prospective platform for advertising. Graph Search can one more source for getting lots of Facebook likes for big and small businesses. Cooperation with different third parties could cultivate a natural trust for the company (and PRISM scandal could be buried). For example, share your information about countries you want to visit, and get the whole useful data from famous travel agencies.

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