Our Refund Policy

As a rule, we try to perform the services indicated on our site with great accuracy and quality. That is why there is no need in any refund. In case the services have not been performed as it was described the customer is welcome to claim for some partial refund, or the company may suggest performing this service again with a better result.

We are an experienced company that has completed more than 5000 orders, and we have got a lot of positive feedback. In case you are not satisfied with our services, you need some proof that our failure was not your fault. If you try to purchase your likes or fans from any other sources, and we are able to prove it, no refund will be provided to you in this case.

If you haven’t received all the ordered number of likes and fans, or the time quoted for this service was not observed, we guarantee you delivering the ordering services or the partial refund for all those likes and fans that you have not received.

You can always believe in our high quality. However, if you are not satisfied with our service at all, or your Facebook page has been blocked because of our failure to provide you with the real likes and fans, we guarantee the 100 % refund.

You cannot claim for any refund when your order is in process.
We reserve for our company the right to modify or change this refund policy in case it is necessary for our successful performance without any prior notice. So, be attentive while browsing our site.

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