Our Privacy Policy

The privacy and complete security of our customers is the primary priority for us. We have established these Privacy Policy regulations to make it clear for you how we collect and make use of any personal information we may need in our work. Our Privacy Policy includes the following:

– We always identify the real purposes for collecting any kind of information from our customers.
– Any piece of personal information collected from you will be used exactly for the fulfillment of our tasks for providing you with the most appropriate ways to complete your orders as well as for other corresponding purposes. We will never utilize any personal data for other purposes than those indicated without a personal consent from our customers unless it is required by legal regulations.

– We will preserve your personal data as long as it is required for your order proceeding, and it will be completely deleted after the order has been completed.
– We collect personal information only in the amount which is required for the order provisions in a fair and lawful way immediately from our customers and with their consent.
– This personal data should correspond to the exact purposes it is collected for and include the certain amount which is involved in order proceeding. It should be complete and accurate, but its amount will never exceed that one which is necessary for our service.
– We use reliable security safeguards to make your personal information unavailable and protected against any theft of use of it by third parties. As well it is carefully protected against any possible copying or disclosure.
– All the changes in our Privacy Policy and other customer information are always available on our site or through special notifications.

We are able to ensure the high degree of confidentiality to our clients with thorough protection and maintenance of their personal information. Your loyalty and confidence are the priorities for our business.

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