New Facebook Patents on Instagram Video

Have you ever heard about Facebook patents? Oh, it’s an amazing app, which is developed to help you make your videos more recognizable on Instagram. You can choose a cover frame for your short movies and tag them, so they will be more vivid and easily detected.

You can say that cover frame picking is rather boring, though it could be important. There are very few great videos, which can attract your attention, on which you can spare your golden minutes. So well-shot, professionally performed movies, and, of course, beutifully-designed with interesting cover frames videos can deserve your imagination. And finally your redesined videos can get Facebook likes.

There are nearly fifteen frames presented on Facebook. You can choose the most convenient for this or that video, and the service doesn’t suggest what the best is, and you are the director of your movie presentation.

These new Facebook patents could pick out the brightest shots, seconds or even minutes of your video, detect the main heroes, tag them and propose suitable cover frames.

By this technology your video is described as a photo. And the basic detection algorithm identifies people, written letters, landmarks, and brands with the help of facial and pattern recognition features.

Facebook can use your tagging or gather its own information about real people and brands, places and landmarks to show it in the news feed. And finally these framed videos will be more skillfully presented for those users, who send many Facebook likes for the names or brands, which are detected on the videos. And even if you are a friend of movie artists, you will get a tagged video with them.

Your cover frames could feature people or some well-known places. The patents give you an opportunity to work as a cameraman, and you can choose that frame which will give more lighting or shade to your scenes, and you could underline even facial expressions. Instagram will help you to detect that moment where all your friends are well-seen and smiling. And the patents with the help of phone accelerator will suggest you only perfectly shot moments, no blurry images.

And what is the most exciting – Facebook gives you a great opportunity to take a microphone and comment the most interesting moments of your movie, of course, according to your initial preference. The Instagram’s voice recognition algorithm will detect your exclamations, such as “Wonderful!”, “Fantastic!”, “Great performance!”, “Cheese!” Instagram will listen to you, your emotions and depict that piece of the video as your cover frame.

Only with those serious prospective technologies Facebook can compete with other powerful social video apps (Vine, for example). As much freedom for imagination is given to the users, so many fans social communities can get. It is obvious now that Facebook with its Patents will get Facebook likes.

And what is more, simplicity is the main attractive feature of all program developments. Could you ever imagine that recording of a video could be as easy as shooting images!

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