Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: How to Use Our Service Most Efficiently?

Do you need my Facebook account password?
We never ask for any passwords and other account information from our clients. We will just need you to provide us with your Facebook fan page URL. The fans and likes will be delivered to your page in the most natural way which is possible.
In what way should I submit the URL for my fan page?
You have to fill in the details about your fan page in the field of the package and then to make your payment.
Can my account be blocked by Facebook for using your services?
You will never be banned from Facebook for using our services because all our work is done manually. We never use any automated systems which can deliver bots and fakes to your account. Be aware of the fact that other services of such kind do use such automated systems to deliver fake profiles to your page, and that may result in banning the account by Facebook. However, this is not our practice.
How much time will it take you to start processing my order after I have paid my money?
When we verify your customer account and receive your payment confirmation, we start the process within 12 to 24 hours. You will see your new fans on your page just in a while.
How much time would you need to deliver all the likes and fans I have ordered?
The entire time span varies according to the type of the package you have ordered, and the number of likes and fans you want to receive in it. You will see the first new fans and likes within a day after we start the process. However, it will take some time to complete the order.
Do you work with all types of Facebook Pages?
Sure. The only exception is the page which may violate the terms established by Facebook for social services. Such pages may include the following:
– pages that contain pornographic content;
– pages that depict and promote hate or violence ;
– pages that promote gambling of any kind;
– pages that refer to certain Facebook applications or group promotions that already exist on Facebook.
We can refuse the service immediately if we find out that a page violates our requirements or the terms of service established by Facebook.
Do you have any guarantees for your services?
We are ready to refund the sum referring to the number of likes or fans which we were not able to deliver to your page within the time agreed. Our guarantees also include providing only like and fans that are from real people with their own valid accounts.
Where can I read your customers’ testimonials?
You are sure to find all our clients testimonials on our site. Apart from the individual testimonials we have got many comments from big companies that may be available for reading upon your request.
Why do I need to buy Facebook likes and fans?
If you have a big fan base, you will be able to draw more attention to your products and services from other users. Your brand will become recognizable, and this will help to boost your revenue. If you buy your first Facebook likes and fans, you will be able to set up good grounds for your further fan base development.
What ways do you use to deliver Facebook likes and fans to the fan page?
Unfortunately, we are not able to reveal all the secrets of our business. There are special mechanisms for doing this which were tested and improved. Although, you may be sure that we never violate any Facebook terms and regulations, and our likes will be from real people, who operate their real valid accounts.
What locations will my Facebook fans be from?
Most of our fans come from the USA, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Canada and other countries of the world. Any other English-speaking country may also become the source of your fans and likes.
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