Facebook Mobile Messaging Stickers Are On The Web Now

Today Facebook users can place stickers to their private messages. These stickers can be various: pre-made, cute, and even animated. First these stickers were developed for mobiles, but now they are added to the Facebook web store. And you can choose one or more free stickers’ packs from sixteen ones presented on the site. So there is no need to look for something funny on other mediums. Facebook gives its users a great choice to decorate their messages, to express their emotions more brightly and naturally.

Facebook offers a separate Sticker Store, which you can visit and select your own pack of stickers, and it is not aimed to overload you with tones of sticks like other messaging apps do (Path and Line, for example). Actually the company developers buy Facebook likes for free! Concerning branded stickers, so the bird was flown that Facebook wanted to create a branded sticker pack from Universal Studios, but still there is nothing to comment. And there are no any evidences of sponsored or branded stickers in the store.

However, there is no a definite flow of money from stickers’ industry, but there is a strong reason for Facebook fans to use its Messages and not to be tempted by Google Hangouts, which combines Google+, Google Messenger, and Google Talk (Gchat) into one unified chat system.

We can suppose some indirect sources for monetization of Facebook messaging and sticker using. Just imagine, how you enter Facebook to send a sticker message, and while waiting for the conversation progressing, the network system browses your news feed, where you can see various ads. And all the information about your messaging, mainly the names of your closest friends, is gathered by the company and the system modifies its content relevance algorithms and provide you with constant fresh information about your friends in your news feed store.

Facebook has a strong wish to develop its sticking campaign by inviting different famous people in its project (designer David Langham, researchers from UC Berkeley). And there is no any doubt, that it absolutely right way of messaging development, because people write to each other and they want to use something new, something unique, something amazing in their messages, not only boring words. The language of emotions seems to be more attractive than simple words.

Who knows, may be in the nearest future you will have an opportunity to buy Facebook fans and likes by sending sponsored messages…

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