Every Facebook User Can Take Part in Android Beta Testers Program

Now Android users can sign up for Android Beta Program for Facebook. This program works on the new beta system from Google play. Users can view the tested versions of apps on Google play, and leave their feedbacks, which can help developers to make a start or improve some product’s features.

First you should sign up for becoming a Facebook member for Android Beta Testers Group on Google Groups/Google+. Second take part in policies settled by Google beta testing system. Third download the beta app, run it as usual, then switch the bug-reporting option, which is placed on appearing navigation menu, and send feedback to Facebook. Finally, there is a strong recommendation to send feedback back and forth by joining the Facebook Group for beta testers.

What a wonderful cooperation of giants – competitors and at the same time partners! And Facebook is eager to continue its cooperation with extra mobile companies, such as Sony, Ericsson, Qualcomm, HTC, MediaTek and Huawei, because the company is especially interested in mobile app development. Now it is the most natural way to get more Facebook followers.

Active Facebook users will, no doubt, appreciate these new opportunities to be the first in every new modern solution, and even become a moderator of the app. Of course, these test men may be bugged but still if you are a mobile addict, you will notice nothing, except the very beta testing process.

Facebook is going to prove its idea of being a global social network by providing its users all over the world with a great opportunity to be the part of modern high-tech processes. A common Facebook user from a village can become a member for Android Beta Testers Group and share its feedback with Facebook. It might be a fantastic campaign oriented for increasing Facebook followers!

Facebook can be provided with some more safety tools, such as backend knobs and small audience at the front-end designs to monitor desirable effects of the app testing. No one is allowed to break any application on Android.

The company underlines all these measurements in its recent blog post: its blind posts might be eliminated, and the utility could give a full picture about the variety of app testing cases. They will probably monitor, how good is Facebook on different gadgets, and how many people can access this new app testing program.

Facebook has changed its risky policy to the cautious one; updates concern now millions of Android users and there is no place for mistakes.

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