Epicurator Will Help Facebook to Create a Tasty Network

Today Facebook launches a new iPhone app – Epicurator – aimed to show you the best places to have a meal.

Facebook is overwhelmed by the tons of reviews, pictures of tasty meals, which users often call foodstagrams, or videos with the whole process of cooking. And one more app, which will help to systematize all this information, will be very opportunely. And food industries will have one more platform, where they can buy Facebook likes and fans.

Epicurator reviews are based on dish-by-dish principle, plus a restaurant raking. Images are presented in thumbnails, and rated according to five stars, where the weakest rate is marked as Bleach and the best score – Foodgasm, plus small simple explanations.

Simplicity and comprehension are basic principles of Epicurator format. And how without competition, which is the main source of inspiration? Epicurator offers its users a leader board, where the most active post makers – gourmets – can be published.

Friends are allowed to leave their own comments in reviews for creating more natural, proved feedback. The search can be determined through the type of food and the place, where it is cooked. And the app is strictly connected with its “parents” Facebook and Instagram, so every piece of “food”news can be shown on your news feed.

Yelp, Foodspotting, Zagat and Urbanspoon are several apps, which can help us to find an appropriate place for having a meal. But there is always a place to create something new, and Epicurator is going to combine all efficient features of its predecessors. This platform is aimed to increase social networking role in the sharing of customers’ reviews.

Dish, being a piece of information, can be commented also, and if it is pleasant in appearance and, perhaps, someone knows its taste, so the dish will get many Facebook and Instagram likes and comments. People can react on the comments and again a new social interaction can be provoked, and new friends and circles can be created.

Monetizing of the app is possible by offering restaurants to place their targeted ads. So if restaurants want to get Facebook likes and fans, they are asked to pay for their online impression on Epicurator.

Maybe now restaurants won’t be against taking pictures during the meal! Because it is an organic free advertising, made for restaurants by their visitors actually!

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