Bomb Your Friends with Amazing Evanescent Photos from Facebook’s

Recently Facebook has launched a new free iOS app –, which is developed to amaze its users by sending photos that will disappear in a certain previously set interval, and it doesn’t matter, whether your friend saw it or not. differs from Snapchat by excluding the process of image saving, even for a short period of time. Users can choose any encryption style for visualization of their photos. They can make a a partial or an entire disguising of their images before the recipients view them. The pre-set images can be seen on iOS app or by the special installed Facebook viewer plug-in.

Facebook like a great marketing industry is oriented on monetizing of its every innovative product. And filtering of images will be used in advertising to bring the company good revenues. For example, brands, and even small businesses can create unique masked images to attract potential consumers’ attention, to intrigue them to see the whole real photos of their products. So, there is one more excellent way to buy Facebook fans by sending them skillfully performed ad photos from

There is one more difference between Snapchat (Poke) and the destruction of image begins not when the user opens it, but immediately when a photo is posted.

The intervals of’s photo destructing can vary from one hour to one month. Users can post any photos they have, even those which are kept peacefully in their galleries.

Facebook is going to widen its’s audience in comparison with Snapchat, which is mostly oriented on teens. will target all Facebook users giving them a simple handle to manage their privacy.

Today brands and celebrities can buy their audience, their real Facebook fans, by engaging them into the game – “Unwrap your visual gift and see what in it!” BuyFacebook’s fans curiosity by interacting them in your visual game.

And the most attracting feature of app is photo’s disappearing ability; it can be even identified with the European Commissions’ statement – “right to be forgotten”. And actually there is no need to overwhelm users with odd, destructive information; on the contrary, social networks were initially developed to bring fun and satisfaction to their users. is your own copywriting tool. You can be sure that no one will use your data in an appropriate way. Be calm, send it, and forget it.

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