A Piece of Discussion about Trending Links Importance

Facebook has a great opportunity today to turn our links, made in the conversations with our friends, into an automatic worldwide DIG. Billions of posts made on Facebook are placed half-privately; only friends and close acquaintances are able to view these messages. And only system’s progressive algorithms can detect popular links and word combinations through the whole wide social network.

You can ask how Facebook is going to get new users or buyFacebook fans. But today Facebook cannot provide its users with amazing recent news, which are spread all over the world. And Reddit can: its active wide community picks the most interesting content from all spheres of life, in all categories. The design of Reddit’s threads presentation is so attractive that it can set a certain style in future.

Reddit gives its members a right to approve or disapprove posts, and only after posts being approved, they can be published. And only Reddit users can leave their comments and send likes or dislikes. All these features determine Raddit as a social community of Reddits only. Facebook in turn is a big platform, where streams of information is accumulated and then processed by the system. The ranking of posts is made by the number of likes, comments, and simply clicks they achieved. The lists of Facebook users’ preferring are based on the principle of localization: certain countries and international regions.

Have you noticed some similar features between Facebook news feed and Twitter Trending Topics? The users don’t vet their platforms thoroughly. Twitter’s topics are not so captivating; they don’t have even their own web page. They don’t posses any serious context; you just simply navigate on this or that word or hashtag and that’s all, the answer on the main topic is not achieved. And if Facebook organizes the discovery of trends around links, discussing ideas could be much more understandable. Facebook has launched already its hashtags and related hashtags, so we can expect trending hashtags in the very future.

Probably Reddit and Twitter wouldn’t be replaced by this new product. The main features of this reading news solution would be a wide approach to the every investigated topic, objectivity, simple use, and accessible presentation. Facebook users could compare the old approach to the news, which is more private and subjective, with the new one, which shows all sides of the discussed theme. Interesting and useful conversations could be burn on Facebook. And don’t worry about free room to share your voice with others, the platform offers an unlimited space for every its user.

And some words about possible monetization ways. Brands could buyFacebook fans and likes by placing their links in the listing of trending links. Usual ad format wouldn’t seem to be appropriate in the news feed, where you share information with your friends, but linking to the brands, different business contests would be rather comfortable.

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